Discovering and Honouring You

Discovering and Honouring You

* Have you something you want to/
need to talk about and haven’t found that someone to share with yet? *

* Are you feeling a little ‘stuck’? *

* Have you some questions about how to proceed with your Sacred Life Walk? *

* Have you an experience; a story
that needs to be told/shared/witnessed
before you can ‘move on’? *

Perhaps connecting with me is a way forward…

My primary intention is to listen; to witness, as you explore yourself and better understand whatever is being presented to you.

I believe that we each have within everything that we need in every moment.  Sometimes it helps to have another with us as we engage in exploration of ourselves:  to honour the strong emotions, whatever they may be; to witness the insights.  This is what I offer:   an honouring witnessing companionship.

If you so desire, I’ll also be very happy to assist loosen up any ‘stuckness’ with certain questions and/or share with you any personal experience, concepts and/or body awareness guidance that may seem relevant.

You are the ‘expert’ of your life; all that you need is already within you.  It is my privilege and pleasure to be with you, in whatever capacity I can, as you journey to discover more about you 😊  All my love, Melissa


“It is said people and things come into your life when you are truly in need.

Such is the case of Melissa walking by my side as I learnt to love myself and create a better life for myself, at a time when I felt lost and directionless.

Initially guiding me through the power of yoga movement and breath, and later through companionship, I have been enabled to change many of my thoughts and habits to support my physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Through her patient and non-judgmental sharing and at times thought provoking comments, I have been able to discover many of the answers were already within, even though I had not been able to acknowledge them as such.

Thank you, Melissa, for honouring me as I explore the paths of my life journey in a safe and nurturing space.

Your very grateful student, Merle”

Merle Searle, Far North QLD


“I have found Melissa to be a very caring practitioner who was able to gently help me identify issues I wasn’t aware were affecting me and find some resolution. Through my interaction with her, I have been able to have a positive effect on the problems I was experiencing and now find myself in a better place.”

Elaine, Far North QLD


“I have been friends with Melissa for many years now, having met her as a work colleague, and I can honestly say she is perhaps the most trustworthy person I have ever known, and I have lived a very varied life. Sadly for me, she moved away from Nth NSW some years ago, so I don’t get to experience the best yoga classes ever anymore, or get to personally hang out and talk about life, love and the meaning of it all, or share her wonderful humour and positive but realistic outlook on life. I miss her very much.

If you get the chance to engage with Melissa in any capacity, I recommend you do so asap, as your life will become richer, deeper, more thoughtful and interesting, and you just might make a wonderful new friend, as I did.”

Helen White, Northern NSW


“Melissa is such a wise soul with so much love to give and such great understanding of people.  She is just so very compassionate.  I was just telling my husband the other day how wonderful she is at helping me understand that deeper truth, to zoom out and zoom in at the same time.  And with so much love and no judgement whatsoever.  Just great questions and her own experience that have helped me unveil what I truly feel and remind me of my truth.  She is phenomenal!!”

Helena Atessis, Sydney NSW


Melissa Colman

Diploma of Counselling
Diploma of Sacred Intimacy
Diploma of Shamanic & Energetic Healing
Yoga Life Teacher Training
Ryoho Therapy Yoga Teacher Training (Parts I & II)

$85 per 60 min session
Available on the phone, online and in-person
0404 862 533